How it Works

When you subscribe to Give Me Iceland, every month you will get a box of six or seven carefully selected Icelandic delicacies and other interesting items. Each box consists of variety of food and non food related items.

With every new box you get to try some of the new Icelandic products that we select for you. You can cancel your subscription at any time you want. We kindly take all recommendations, comments and suggestions from our customers.

What to expect:

Each box will be different from the previous one

All the items in the box will be locally produced and made in Iceland

Expect to find chocolates, candies, tea, spices, soap and other interesting items

Step 1

Just pick the best suitable subscription plan for you and create your account

Step 2

We select 6-8 interesting Icelandic locally made items, pack them and send them to you.

Step 3

Wait until our surprise box will arrive to you. Open and enjoy!

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